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Frequently asked questions about credentials

In this section you can find the frequently asked questions about getting credentials in our courses.

  1. When you register in a course you have the option of audit the course or pay for the credentials in that moment (It is recommended that payment for the accreditation is made only once you have passed the course):
    • Audited: You have access to the full content of the course. You won't have a credential until you go your profile and process the payment.
    • Get a credential: You have acces to the course and to get a credential at the end of the course, as long as you have pass the minimum grade of the course. If you pay and then you don't reach the minimum grade for passing, there is no refund option. It is recommended that payment for the accreditation is made only once you have passed the course.
  2. Purchasing process
    • The course accreditation purchasing process requires that users log into using the information entered in their registration process on In the 'My Profile' section you can see the courses in which you are enrolled and the pass mark percentage of each one.
    • You can obtain an accreditation once you have achieved the course pass grade. In the course 'Progress' page you can see the defined percentage mark to pass the course. Before purchasing the accreditation, users should make sure that they have passed the course as in the event of failure to pass, payment will not be refunded.
    • Before proceeding to make the purchase, check the personal information in your profile to ensure that your surname and first/second names are correct.
    • Once you have selected the type of accreditation required users should select the payment option, and in the event that an invoice is needed you should contact including in your email the exact information that you would like to be included on the invoice (address, city, postcode, tax ID, company ID, etc) and also attach the accreditation purchase confirmation receipt to the email.

    • Payment is facilitated via the corresponding payment gateway owned by the entities responsible for those payment methods with which the platform will connect.
    • Once payment has been made, receipt of payment will be received via an email to the email account indicated in the payment process. In a period of 2 working days, your accreditation will be available to download.
  3. Before requesting the credential:
    • Check on your profile that your fullname are the right ones. If they're not, modify them in your Dashboard.
    • Check in the progress page of your course if you have the minimum passing grade (in "Pass" is shown the percentage of passing). If you pay for the credential and you haven't pass the course, there will be no refund.
  4. What kind of credentials does UNED Abierta offer? UNED Abierta currently offers various types of accreditations. However, depending on the course, all, some or none of these accreditations may be available. You can establish which accreditation is available to each particular course by checking the course registration page. Consult the information pertaining to your course before making any payment.
    • Certificate: It is the highest level of accreditation issued by UNED Abierta in IEDRA and that has recognition of ECTS credits. This title is granted as belonging to the UNED and does not have the official character established in No. 30 of the Organic Law 4/2007 that modifies art. 34 of the Organic Law 6/2001 of Universities. In the Certificate the data of Name, Surname and DNI of the applicant are indicated; Course title successfully completed, date of issue of the credential, number of hours of the course, numbers of ETCS credits that are recognized and the reverse side details the course program. Currently, online payment is only allowed with several types of cards, 4B, VISA and MasterCard. Certificates may be recognized as equivalent to 0.5 - 5 credits (ECTS), depending on each case. Within the UNED, certificates can be recognised in continuing education courses, as well as credits in official courses in accordance with general procedure, at the discretion of the teachers responsible. Outside the UNED, the recognition of credits depends on the Institution to which an application is made. The cost of certificates will vary depending on the course and the amounts and procedures approved by the UNED Social Council/Board of Trustees. When the certificate purchasing process is carried out you can download the accreditation as many times as required from the course progress page.
    • Badges: It will be granted automatically according to the self-assessment process, they are an informal and free accreditation and, therefore, they will not have any academic level or effect. As if it were virtual modular seals, they serve to accredit the competences and skills acquired and define your professional profile, as well as the achievement of certain levels of practice through mutual recognition among peers and participation in DEBATES and review of content the courses. They attest to having achieved a task, developed a competence or participated actively.

      The badges can be shared in Badgr and other social networks:

    • You can also audit any UNED Abierta course. You will not receive any credential in case of auditing a course aside from the digital badges.
  5. What payment methods are available?

    Currently, UNED Abierta only allows online payment with several types of cards, 4B, VISA and MasterCard.

    VISA MasterCard
  6. Why should I pay for credentials?

    If you plan to use the course to find work, advance your career or academic applications, you may prefer an credential for having successfully completed the course. It is also a great way to encourage oneself to complete the course and celebrate success.

    UNED allocates the money that you provide when paying the accreditation entirely to bear the costs derived from the setting-up and maintenance of these free courses. So, if in addition to the minimum rate, you would like to contribute to UNED Abierta's continued growth, you can do so by choosing to pay more for the accreditation.

  7. I have approved the course! Where can I find my credential?


    Before requesting credential verify that your Name and Surname data are correct; then, on your Progress page, check that you have obtained the minimum grade to process it:

    • If you have approved, you can request accreditation by clicking on 'Yes, I have finished this course'
    • If you have approved and obtained credential, there is no option to refund; see the point Claims and refunds.

    Credentials can be processed after users reach the course cut grade (In Progress, the "Pass" line is marked with the percentage of passing the course). Once the payment is made, the credential will be available in the next 24 hours.

    Once the credential is ready, a link or download button with the text "Download your credential" will appear directly on your Dashboard at the level of the course. And in addition, you will always have online access to the credential, to be able to verify its veracity.

    Also, in your profile, below your name and surname data you can see the history of your payments.

  8. I've paid for the credential but I have not passed the course

    If you have not approved, but have paid the credential, there is no option to refund; see the point Claims and refunds.

  9. What is the deadline to pay for credential?

    You have one month from the official end of the course to process the accreditation.

    • 1. Visit your dashboard.
    • 2. Check that your details are correct before proceeding with the payment.
    • 3. Click on the 'Challenge yourself', 'Pay for accreditation' button.
    • 4. Choose the accreditation you want to process.
    • 5. Check that the course details match that you wish to pay for.
    • 6. Click on 'Make Payment' and follow the instructions to pay by credit or debit card.

    If it is a third person who is going to pay for the certificate, the ID / Passport (depending on the case) of the user who has completed and passed the course must be added.

  10. When is the credential released?

    In cases where the course is opened sequentially, or have an end date, the credential will be released when the course is finished.

    In cases where the courses are fully opened from the beginning, so that you can go at your own pace, the credential will be released from the beginning once you have paid for it.

  11. Claims and refunds

    Students must make any complaints related to UNED Abierta courses, except those related to grades, by sending an email (attaching to the following model) to

    The causes for refund, acording to Article 27.5 of Law 8/1989, of April 13, on Public Fees and Prices, are:

    • When this service is not provided for reasons not attributable to the student.
    • Those who have paid more fees than the public prices in force due to material errors, both in fact and arithmetically, in the self-payment.
  12. Do I have an option for some kind of discount for some concept?

    Do not; as we are not official teachings, we are not obliged to apply these benefits.

  13. Do you need an invoice?

    In the event that an invoice is needed contact including the exact information that you would like to be included on the invoice (address, city, postcode, tax ID, company ID, etc.) and attach the accreditation purchase receipt to the email.

  14. What types of courses does UNED Abierta offer?

    UNED Abierta offers all types of courses, available on the main page:

    All these courses follow the theme of our official website:

  15. UNED, as the owner of the website, does not store debit card data. The payment gateway managed by Redsys uses the necessary methods to guarantee the privacy of the pages by using the secure https protocol.

  16. Do you have any further doubts or questions?

    You can email including detailed information with respect to your query, the name of the course, the date of purchase and with the receipt of payment attached.