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Geo Tools for Teachers (5ed. 2024) UNED

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Target Group

University and university college teachers.


- Promote the use of geotechnologies in university teaching in order to implement the technological students skills.

- Facilitate University teaching examples, using free and quality geodata that facilitate research, analysis and information management and its visualization.

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There are no necessary.


It will be a test at the end of any module. Two questionnaires, one initial and one final after following all modules, is also a mandatory requirement to obtain the course certification.


Maria Luisa de Lázaro y Ramón Pellitero Ondicol (UNED)- Directores

Massimo De Marchi, Università di Padova (UNIPD)

Danielle Codato (UNIPD)

Alice Morandi (UNIPD)

Rafael de Miguel González, University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR)

María Sebastián López (UNIZAR)

María Zúñiga Antón (UNIZAR)

Luc Zwartjes, Ghent University (UGENT)

Bart De Wit (UGENT)

David Cocero Matesanz (UNED)

Julio Fernández Portela (UNED)

Julio López-Davalillo (UNED)

Francisco José Morales Yago (UNED)

Deva Menéndez García, UNED student and internship in GeoSolutions (Ghent, Belgium)

Silvia Ferrer Castillón, UNED student and internship in GeoSolutions (Ghent, Belgium)

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  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

    17 January 2024
  3. Classes End

    10 December 2024
  4. Estimated Effort

    50h (2 ECTS)
  5. Price Audit