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NOOC IV: Refreshing Nuclear Basics UNED

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Nuclear power generation has special features, to know them and to remember the related physics, chemistry and engineering fundamentals is absolutely necessary to improve our knowledge in nuclear safety culture.


Learning Objectives

  1. Know and handle the basic concepts of nuclear energy



  1. Links to definitions and basic concepts on the operation of nuclear power plants.


Pre-requisites/participant background

Basic engineering knowledge


Academic Team


General Information


NOOC IV belongs to the MOOC Introducing safety culture and its application to the nuclear field. 30 h.


This MOOC is conceived as a first contact with the safety culture in all areas to continue, then, deepening in more specific concepts in the nuclear field. In order to establish a good safety culture and nuclear safety culture, aligned leadership is necessary. All these aspects will be worked in a dynamic, different and participative way, in which collaborative learning will be a key aspect. The goal of the MOOC is to ensure that students, industry workers and any person interested, know and transmit the safety culture and its importance.


At the end of the MOOC, the participants will be able to understand and explain the aspects related to human behavior and its management to achieve a strong safety culture. These general concepts will be focused to the nuclear industry and its differentiating characteristics.


MOOC Structure


The MOOC structure includes four independent NOOCs (Nano Open Online Courses).


NOOC I. What is Safety Culture? 10h.

NOOC II. Understanding Nuclear Safety Culture. 10h

            NOOC III. Developing leadership for safety. 5h

            NOOC IV. Refreshing Nuclear Basics. 5h



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    04 Febrero 2019
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